Emerald Ash Borer Eradication/Replacement

EmeraldAshBorerSmallThe Emerald Ash Borer, commonly referred to as the EAB beetle is a bright metallic green beetle which is 10-13 millimeters.  The EAB beetle has caused millions of ash trees in North America to die, since it’s accidental introduction from Asia.

EmeraldAshThe EAB beetle kills ash trees by destroying the water and nutrient conducting tissues under the tree’s bark.  A tree will die within two years of signs of the EAB beetle.  Adult beetles lay eggs on the bark of ash trees. When the eggs hatch, the larvae (immature beetles) bore into the bark and feed on the transportation tissues of the tree. This disrupts the movement of nutrients and water within the tree, girdling it and causing tree death.

Available Treatments
American Landscaping and Associates will survey the tree.  Chemical injections can be utilized  to prevent infestation as well as save infected trees.  The parts of the tree that are still receiving water from the root system will also receive the treatment solution when we inject the tree. Any area that the treatment solution reaches will kill off an active infestation in that area. Once the beetles are killed, stopping further damage, then the tree can begin to repair itself.

You can also select a tree from our tree farm to replace your Ash tree.